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gps car tracker without monthly fee

Unfortunately crime is higher now than it has ever been before. Many of us know all to well how quickly our possessions can be coveted by, and stolen by, other people.

We spend a lot of money on our vehicles and I for one surely do not want to lose the vehicle I worked hard to buy to a thief. That is why GPS systems are great to have.

The problem is that we cannot always afford to pay the monthly fees the tracking services charge for these systems. A car tracking device without monthly fee applications would be a dream come true to many people.

Fortunately for us there are such devices available to us.

The following are my personal favorite car tracking device without monthly fee.

GPS Tracker for Car No Monthly Fee | My Top Picks

I closely examined the features offered by each of the car tracking device without monthly fee devices to try and determine the best ones available. Prices are not mentioned because prices vary, and although a low price is a good selling point, prices across the country vary so greatly that I felt it was inappropriate to include the price in my decision.

I did keep high quality, ease of use, and availability in mind as I made my selections. I wanted to give you a list that was easy for you to find, and that would contain devices that were worth the investment you will make in them.


AutoGeneral GOT08 Car Vehicles GPS Tracker without Monthly Fee


AutoGeneral_GOT08_Car_Vehicles_GPS_Tracker_without_Monthly_FeeThis GPS tracking device with no monthly fees is a perfect solution to help you protect your automobile from a theft. For a one-time payment you get the ability to track the location of your car 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The GPS coordinates will have updates posted every thirty seconds. You will get full disclosure tracking reports that include: where the car stops, the speed it is traveling, when it is immobile, the mileage, geofence, and fence duration.


This system works great for individual car owners and for fleets of cars. It will help you to track the drivers of your vehicles and make sure they are driving the cars the way they are supposed to.

Parents will love that when they send their teenagers out in the car they will have the ability to know where their children go, how fast they drive, and if they are soing what they are supposed to be doing.





  • The device is easy to install.
  • It has several alarm notifications for when the alarm system is unplugged, when the car is speeding, when the battery is low, and when the vehicle is in a collision.
  • Installing this device might lower your insurance rates.
  • Tracking capabilities are accessible through the use of a computer or smart phone.
  • There is a one-time purchase price. The device components are easy to install.



  • The seller is hard to contact if you ever have any problems with the device, or if you want to ask a question.
  • The operating instructions are hard to read and are not fully explanatory.
  • Many of the devices randomly power off.



iTrack 2 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker – Zero Monthly Fees Service


iTrack 2 GSM GPRS GPS Portable Tracker – Zero Monthly Fees ServiceIf you have been looking for a car tracking device with no monthly fee then you need to look no further. This device has every feature you could want, and you do not have to subscribe to a monthly service to get the location of your vehicle.


You can use your smart phone or your computer to access the information concerning the whereabouts of the vehicle the tracker is installed on. You can simply call the tracker and find out where the car is, how long it has been there, how far it has been driven since it left your home, and many other details.


Many people who live in rural areas know that their reception to GPS and GMS signals are weaker. This keeps rural customers from buying devices like this one.

This device provides car GPS tracking without monthly fees and specialized antennas to help people in remote areas get the proper signal strength to use the device to its full capabilities.




More than ninety percent of the people who have purchased this car tracker without monthly fees give it a five star rating on performance, durability, and ease of use. The device is reasonably priced so the majority of people can afford to get one, and it will help you to reduce the amount you pay on automobile insurance.



  • Has a sleep mode that engages within five minutes to conserve power in the device.
  • The battery life is extensive is you simply call the tracker when you want to know the location.
  • No additional software is needed for installation or use.
  • The tracker uses a SIM card that can be purchased from many different retailers.
  • The mounting brackets hold it securely in place even when you drive through rough terrain.



  • The GPS signal is not as good as the GSM signal is. The instruction manual does not fully explain all of the features.



LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key Pro – GPS Tracker for Car No Monthly Fee


LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key Pro – GPS Tracker for Car No Monthly FeeThis live GPS tracker without monthly fees is just barely bigger than the batteries it takes to power it. You will not have any difficulties finding somewhere in the vehicle to place the device where it is discreet, and where it will not hinder the operation of the vehicle.


This live GPS tracker with no monthly fees will provide you with the location of the vehicle and each time the vehicle travels another two and one half meters it will update the location it provides. It also provides you with the rate of speed the car is traveling at. The tracker sends information each time the vehicle stops, and it lets you know how long the vehicle was at that location before it moved again.

The tracker lets you know how long it took the vehicle to travel between stops, and the exact addresses of the places it is parked. You will also know the general direction the vehicle is headed in when it is in motion.




You will be able to easily install this GPS tracker and then rest secure in the knowledge that anyone that drives the vehicle will be safer because their location will always be known.

This is a perfect device for people who have teens driving their cars, and for people who have fleets of cars that their employees drive.



  • This live GPS tracker without monthly fees is small and lightweight.
  • The unit has a motion detector and whenever no motion is detected for a period of two minutes or longer the unit automatically goes into a save battery, or sleep mode.



  • The instructions are not easy to read.
  • The clip that holds the battery cover in place is small . 



BayTracker BT-1000 RealTime Car GPS Tracker no Monthly Fee


BayTracker_BT_1000_RealTime_Car_GPS_Tracker_no_Monthly_FeeIf you have ever wondered where your spouse was when they were not home, or you worry that your teens are not telling you the truth about where they are going when they borrow the car, then this spy unit will be perfect for you. You can also put this unit to use if you allow employees to drive your company vehicle to make sure they go where they are supposed to go without making any side trips.


Your car insurance will be less if you buy one of these car GPS tracking without monthly fees units. Car insurance companies recognize that if the car is stolen it will be easy to tell the police where the vehicle is and apprehend the crooks before they have time to damage the car.


The unit will give you real time tracking on where your car is, how long it takes it to drive from point A to point B, and how long the car is parked in one particular location.

You will no longer worry or wonder about family members who are out on the town, because you will know where they are at all times.





  • This live GPS tracker without monthly fees provides accurate tracking data. 
  • The unit provides a Google map link to show the location of the vehicle.
  • The tracker works very well and is very easy to install and begin to use.



  • Finding the right SIM card for the device can be difficult.
  • The instructions are marginal and hard to decipher. 



LandAirSea 1515 Tracking Key 2 GPS Car Tracker Without Monthly Fee


LandAirSea_1515_Tracking_Key_GPS_CarThis GPS car tracking with no monthly fee is easy to use and easy to install. You do not need a lot of specialized tools to install it and you will not need special software to operate the system once it is installed.


You will be able to go online using a Mac or PC and get detailed accounts of all of the movement of the vehicle the tracker is placed on. This is beneficial to business owners, parents, and to anyone that worries about car theft.


The information you get concerning the whereabouts of the vehicle are in real time. You do not have a long delay between the transmission of the information from the car to the satellite service and the transmission from the satellite service and your account page.


Your account will be password protected so you can determine who can look at the record of the car movements.

This will allow you to stop teens, or employees, from accessing the account and possibly erasing some data they do not want you to see.




The device works through a prepaid service provider. That means when you can afford the service you can buy it and there is no penalty for the times you cannot afford to buy the service. If you only need the service a few times a year you will not be penalized for that and you will have nothing deducted monthly from your checking account or credit card.



  • This GPS tracing for cars no monthly fee is made in the United States.
  • The device accurately records every movement the vehicle makes.
  • The online account is password protected.
  • The device is user friendly for PCs and Mac.



  • The GPS tracking for cars no monthly fee comes with hard to understand instructions.
  • The device mounting system could use some upgrades in design.



Why You Need a GPS Tracking Device


At one time people parked their vehicles in front of their homes, or on the street, and they never gave a thought to whether someone might come along and steal their car.

Often during those times in history people left the keys in their car or kept the keys in the ashtray of the vehicle. People can no longer afford to be that trusting anymore.

Each day thousands of cars are stolen from parking garages, from the streets in front of homes, from car parking lots, and they are hi-jacked while people are waiting at red lights. These GPS tracking devices allow you to know where you car is, where it has been, and where to send the police if you ever go outside to find that your car is not home.

Parents of teens often worry that when they let their children use the family car the kids do not go where they say they are going.

These GPS tracking devices allow parents to rest assured that their children go exactly where they say they are going and nowhere else.

Companies that provide vehicles for employees to use can use these GPS car tracking devices to make certain their employees are going where they are supposed to be going.

The insurance rates, and premiums, that you have to pay for a vehicle will be lowered when you install one of these GPS tracking devices into your automobiles.


Final Verdicts 


In this day and age it makes perfect sense to install as much protection as you can against theft, violence, and misleading behavior.

Some people have even used the car tracking without monthly fee devices to track their significant others and prove they were having affairs. You simply cannot be too careful in this day and time.

The price of these units is low enough that the majority of people who own a car can afford to have one of the devices installed. The increased safety that the GPS tracker provides may not be as valuable as the peace of mind the car owner will get.

I recommend one of these devices be installed in every car, both new and old. Every company should have them, every church that runs a church bus that picks up the children, all government agencies should have them, police patrol cars need them, private cars in homes where there are children need them, people in the city need them, and people in the country need them.

It is up to you to make sure that you are protected from theft, and one of these devices can help you to have that protection.


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