Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker: Monitor Your Health Changes at All Times


Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is designed to ensure freedom and fun when it comes to fitness. Offering an individual account to the users for syncing data and easy presentation of information, the tracker is invaluable to health betterment. Wireless activity tracker can extract and assemble information on calories that are being consumed and burned throughout the day. The user account can be accessed through Fitbit application. This device can help you to set goals and motivate the users for a healthier and active lifestyle. With the graphical presentation of your activities, you would be able to have full knowledge of your health status and compete with your friends in the pursuit. With it, you can forward messages to your friends and family in the circle of Fitbit application. Your information statistics can be uploaded via a computer or mobile devices. So, in real time, you would be set an active lifestyle with ease and convenience.

User Guide of Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker



The Fitbit tracker is designed to develop an active lifestyle for its users, while managing their activities to follow through to the goals. Using the tracker is extremely easy and simple, and requires no practical experience of using such a device. You can track your steps, distance travelled, and burned calories with the help of this device. You can turn on the exercise mode of this product and count the calories lost on a regular basis. The exercise mode is somewhat similar to the trip mode in a car’s odometer. While you go for a run, keep the device in exercise mode, to have the data recorded in the “Workout” segment of the dashboard. The moment you sync the data after deactivating the exercise mode of the device, it presents a summarized content reflecting your activity’s stats and a minute-by-minute graph as well. This device uses Bluetooth, version 4.0 and Smart ready devices for connecting with computer systems, cell phones and other handheld computing devices for information integration.


Features at Glance:

  • Users can set targets, earn badges, and monitor the health progress
  • Offers information sharing for easy communication with friends
  • It is small in size
  • It offers total discretion to the user information
  • It runs on replaceable battery
  • Users can log weight, food types and other precise inputs through the device
  • The device is splash, rain and sweat-proof



Motivates and Disciplines

As it keeps record of your daily activities, Fitbit Zip Wireless tracker can easily show you the changes in your lifestyle, exercise regime, and food intake plan as compared to the improvements taking place. It can promote healthy lifestyle and encourage individuals by pointing out small changes in their health which can accumulate to a drastic health improvement in the near future.

Information Sharing between Wireless Activity Trackers

Fitbit’s activity tracker presents the health data graphically for better analysis and evaluation. These well presented information fragments can be easily shared with others in the network through the online dashboard. With graphs, charts, and tools, your data would be digestible and useful.



Inspire Your Friends

Health experts have explained that competition can intensify results and bring motivation and inspiration in the fold. With Fitbit wireless activity tracker, you can stay connected with your friends, family members, and colleagues while encouraging each other with statistical comparison of health management plans.

Compact Size and Slender Built

Wireless tracker of Fitbit is carefully designed to brandish a neat and compact size. So, it can rest easy between your belt, pocket and any small space. It comes with a silicon clip that does not cause irritation and holds the device firmly in place. Its splash, rain, and sweat proof design can offer your activity complete data protection.


  • Precise tracking facility by mobile app
  • Simple UI
  • Good battery Life
  • Activity tracking system


  • Monthly plan
  • Small Screen

Fitbit wireless activity tracker is equipped with latest technology that offers better service and great features at affordable prices. Using it can establish and improve the activity levels of individuals.


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