Fitness Band Reviews: What They Say about Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband



Individuals who are great fitness freaks would surely appreciate the recently launched Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband. This is an amazing wristband designed with the latest technology to measure distance covered and calories burned. This band has already become a rage in the market, especially amongst those who are trying hard to lose extra pounds in the least time possible. People who are particular about calorie intake and usage will find this device highly useful. Helping you to track the amount of burnt calories and distances travelled, it wouldn’t be wrong to refer this product as one of the best activity trackers for fitness by far. To go by the fitness band reviews, this high-end tracker is not only easy to wear but also is comfortable.

Features of Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband

As the fitness band reviews suggest, the Fitbit Flex wireless activity + sleep wristband comes with a huge list of features ensuring to be with you every time you need them.

The key feature in this product is its real-time tracking ability. It works with precision and therefore helps you know the exact distances you have covered when taking a brisk walk or track how much calories you have burned in a day. This in turn may enable you decide that day’s dietary or fitness regime. Having an account of the activities you have performed in a single day it can prevent you from out-doing exercise.



This unique fitness band is a stylish device that allows you to set a goal and achieve it. Each band features LED lights that represent almost 20% of goal you have set. Once you choose from steps, distance or calories, it immediately lights up, thereby challenging your capability. Generally, their dimension ranges from 140-176mm×161-209mm×13.99mm.

The Fitbit trackers are all-day activity trackers offering Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, which enables the users to check their stats in real time. Well, syncing can occur automatically if it is within the reach of 20 feet of wireless dongle. However, for syncing or uploading you may need to use Fitbit connect application. Other than plugging into your PC’s USB, the sync wireless dongle can connect to the leading Smartphones and iOS devices. This device supports a large variety of browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.


Recent fitness band reviews suggest that this fitness band can track the current seven days details provided it has enough battery power to support. It is therefore recommended to collect the data or stats regularly.


Normally, the Fitbit Flex wireless activity + sleep wristband lasts at least for five days if fully charge. While you charge this device, the Flex LED lights display the level of charge. When it is charged completely, the five lights are likely to light up. Also, you can track the battery level on the mobile app or the Dashboard.

Make sure to charge your very own Fitbit Flex wristband every five days to get uninterrupted services.



Sensors or Motors Used

This high-end tracker uses 3-axis accelerometer measuring motion patterns, which generally helps to determine calories burned and distance travelled. Similarly, it also helps to determine your sleep quality. Flex is designed with a vibration motor, which enables it to vibrate when the alarm goes off.


  • It is a water-resistant device
  • It is available in a whole lot of fun colours
  • Enable real-time tracking
  • Help maintain your fitness



  • Flawed strap design in some pieces

The fitness band reviews suggest after considering the several pros and cons that Fitbit Flex wireless activity + sleep wristband is one of the best activity trackers for fitness in the market today.

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