Foxnovo Remote Control 5 in 1 Wireless Electronic Item Locator Finder

This Remote Control 5 in 1 Wireless Electronic Item Locator Finder by  internationally famous item finder manufacturer Foxnovo. Check the details of this product :


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Product Specification of this Item Locator :

  • Foxnovo is a trademark which has been registered in many countries and regions in the world, including U.S, Japan, European Union, etc. (Registration, No.85966052 in U.S Registration, NO.011974003 in EU ) Please look for ” Foxnovo Authorized ” when making purchases get Original Foxnovo products
  • How to find your lost items: When you want to find the lost things, just push the corresponding button, and the keychain will sound alarm, you can find the lost thing by the alarm.
  • Find your key or any other items easily.
  • Transmission distance up to 40m (120 feet), through floors, walls, even sofa cushions.
  • Small size, easy to use and easy to carry.


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