Garmin Astro Dog GPS Tracker: Above-and-Beyond Solution to Location Tracking

Your dog is precious to you. You want to run, stroll, leap, play and sometimes even party with him. But you would never want to lose your beloved pet. Towards this end, there are several dog GPS tracker devices that let you know the precise location of your dog. Among these, devices by Garmin stand in a league of their own for two reasons. Firstly, Garmin offers a full-spectrum of dedicated dog training devices; something which is the unbecoming of most other brands. Then, the immense range of functionalities of the Garmin Astro Dog Collar still remains unmatched.

Features of Garmin Astro  Dog GPS Tracker

  • The Garmin Dog Collar GPS tracker is a feature magnet. You get the combination of all elementary features from conventional GPS trackers. Plus, you may avail a range of advanced features without an ounce of interference in the basic idea of finding the location of your dog.
  • The Garmin Astro employs a dual GPS device technology. Your dog wears a pet GPS tracker and you keep the other GPS device. The unit with the dog constantly sends signals to the satellite. The unit you have displays the location of your dog. Not just that, the map also shows your own location relative to the location of the dog.
  • Location mapping with the Garmin Astro is pin-point accurate. The device tells you the exact distance between you and your dog.
  • Unlike any other pet GPS pet tracker, the Garmin Astro Dog GPS Tracker provides immaculate detail on the activity of your pet. You know whether the dog is running, sitting or pointing. You also get to know the direction if your dog is travelling.
  • The Garmin Astro pet collar is silent. The beep sound in many dog collars can cause serious annoyance to some dogs. Since the Garmin Astro is not a beeper collar, all disadvantages of using a beeper are also ruled out.
  • A unique feature in the device is the Point Alarm system. Whenever the dog reaches a designated point, you receive an alert. The device will also tell you if the dog strays from the point. This way, you will know when exactly you need to go find your dog.
  • If you like hunting with your dogs, you will love the Tree alarm, which tells you when the dog has treed a prey. Again, it will tell you when you need to find your dog.


Garmin Pet GPS tracker Interface

The new and integrated design of the Garmin Astro seems to have worked wonders for the device. As already touched base on, there are two separate devices that make a unit. The collar that your dog wears is self contained with transmitter electronics.

Unlike many a GPS location tracker, you do not typically need an Android or Apple app to control the device. The device comes with a dedicated GPS device with which you monitor location and exercise control. If you are new to such devices, you might it slightly difficult to get started. But once you are accustomed to it, a bevy of advanced control options are up for the taking.


The collar strap is coated with nylon. Along with the collar, there is an attached GPS unit that transmits location. The user unit is more like an amalgamation of a hand-held video game and a walky-talky. There are physical buttons for advanced control.

Several owners have a doubt on how humane the product is. The Garmin Astro Dog GPS Tracker is absolutely safe and humane if used properly and with good sense. In fact you can save your pet from several injuries with the device.



The charging cradle has been improved in the new device. While the charge time is slightly greater that other GPS location trackers, the Garmin Astro battery also lasts longer than several other GPS devices. The device charger keeps out dirt and tells you when the device is fully charged.


The Garmin Astro Dog GPS Tracker comes with a dedicated collar security lock. With the security lock, you decide who can and who cannot track your dog. You can also change the security code whenever you wish to.


  • Greatest number of features in per Dog GPS trackers
  • High security with the Collar Security Lock
  • Multiple Dog Control


  • The interface can be a little difficult for first-time users


A Dog GPS tracker, as the name implies lets you track the location of your dog. But the Garmin Astro GPS pet collar is a lot more that. An impressive list of advanced features takes the product above and beyond the category it represents.


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