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The best HRM watch is one that will help you to achieve the heart rate that you desire while you are performing the activities that you love. It is crucial that you get your heart pumping so you can stay healthy, but you do not want to over-work the muscle. The best HRM watch helps you to keep track of how many times per minute your heart is beating, so you know if you can push yourself a little farther, or if you need to slow down a little.

What is an HRM Watch?

An HRM watch is a device that will monitor your heart rate. When you are engaged in sporting activities you have a targeted heart rate you wish to reach and maintain while you are active. These devices help you to ascertain when you meet your targeted heart rate and if you are exceeding your heart rate.

An HRM watch helps athletes to maintain their health while they are performing their favorite exercises. They also allow people who are trying to lose weight to see if they have reached their targeted heart rate so they can burn off the calories they need to burn in order to lose the weight they desire to lose.

Garmin Vivoactive Black bundle


Features I Love about this HRM Watch

This is the best HRM watch because of the many features it has. This is not a simple heart rate monitor. It is a complete device that helps you track your progress in your favorite sporting activities. It is a tool you can use to help you stay healthy, enjoy your life, and meet your goals. The following features are a few of the ones that made me fall in love with this device.

Built in Sports Applications

The sports applications are designed to help you monitor your progress in your chosen sporting activity. There is an app for runners to help them keep track of the distances they run each day, and the amount of time it took them to run those distances. It allows you to establish heart rate goals, or pace goals, and the device will issue alerts so you can control your activity. It will even give you a summary after your run that tells you how many calories you burned during the run and if you beat a personal record it will tell you.


Garmin Vivoactive Black bundle Includes Heart Rate Monitor


Running is only one of the many different sports this watch is programmed to help you succeed in. There is an app for golfers, and swimmers. This device will count the number of laps you make in the pool, and it has a screen that can be read even when you are outside in the bright light of the sun. There are several other apps that will help you to do whatever you set out to do.

Stay Connected

A lot of the time we do not get to participate in the sporting activities we want to participate in because we have business obligations and are waiting on phone calls, or text messages that we cannot afford to miss. I consider this the best HRM watch because it helps you stay connected so that you never miss a message.

You will be alerted to who called you and to any text you receive. You can link your watch and your smart phone so that you are free to enjoy the activities you want to enjoy, while never missing an important notification.

Garmin Vivoactive Black bundle Heart Rate Monitor


Once you have paired the watch with your smart phone you will get notifications of what is happening on your social media pages, and can set it to alert you of special events you do not want to forget to attend. You can use this item to help you manage your busy schedule while you are having fun.

Long Battery Life

The battery in this device can hold a charge for as long as three weeks. If you are using the GPS you can expect the battery to remain charged for about ten hours. The battery will last long enough for you to do everything you need to do. I love things that are designed to work as long as I do.

You will also discover that if you charge the battery for this watch using a USB 3 port you can go from no charge to full capacity in only about ninety minutes. You can charge up your watch battery while you are taking a shower and never miss a thing.

Ultra Thin Profile

When you are participating in a sport you do not want to wear anything that is bulky, or could possibly get in the way. This device has an ultra thin screen that does not hinder your sporting activities, and it looks good enough that you can wear it to the office, or to the gym.



  • Sunlight readable display screen
  • Built in GPS
  • Pairs with your smart phone
  • Long battery life
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Built in sports applications help you keep track of your stats
  • Ultra thin profile makes the device comfortable to wear
  • Colored touch-screen
  • Water resistant


  • Heart rate monitor is not built in. You have to wear a chest strap in order to get an accurate heart rate reading.


It does not surprise me that the best HRM watch I could find to review is one that is produced by Garmin. Garmin has a reputation for products that are dependable and accurate. You definitely want accuracy in your heart rate monitor, and you want a product designed by a company you can trust.

Garmin has offices all over the world. They have a large team of associates who strive to create the best products possible for the lowest amount possible. Garmin is an American company that was founded in 1989 in Lenexa Kansas. Since that time the company has done everything they can to produce the highest quality products.

When you buy something that was made by Garmin then you have bought something you can trust.

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