Garmin Vivofit: The Budget Choice among the Best Fitness Trackers

Best Fitness Trackers

The Garmin Vivofit is easily among the Best Fitness Trackers not just because of the rich Garmin lineage, but owing to a combination some really commendable features and a trendy design. To go with stature, the Vivofit sits right up with the likes of the Samsung Gear Fit and the Nike Fuelband SE. After a prolonged stint with highly effective GPS tracking devices, Garmin has finally snipped away for once to design a device that inspires people into leading healthier lives. While it might be grossly wrong to call it the best activity trackers for fitness, it is certainly great value for money at a moderate $99 face value.

Design is Subjective but Fit is Supreme in the Best Fitness Trackers 

If you are after a device that can replace the most luxurious of your hauls in wrist watches for style and elegance, the Vivofit is not exactly the bargain you will want to settle for. Going by mere looks, the device reminds you of those Livestrong wristbands; the sole difference being that the Vivofit is a little wider on the wrist.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band


The weight of the device (25.5g) escalates it to the list of the lightest among such devices, major co-occupants being the Nike Fuelband SE and the Jawbone UP24 at 27g and 23g respectively. In the box, you find both small and large band sizes and you have the option to swap these with some exciting color straps, each coming at £20.

The Vivofit has a display that always remains on. The display on the device is a simple LCD display and if you are a super AMOLED lover, you might be disappointed on this count. But the display is more than capable when you want to view quick stats. Besides, you do not always have to be tied to a smartphone to use one among  the Best Fitness Trackers.


The Garmin Viovofit Impresses with Features

  • The most basic feature in the Vivofit is movement tracking. The difference that the device makes is in the way it goes about its business. To start things, Vivofit learns the current activity level in you and then sets a goal for the day.
  • Once you strike the mark, the device assigns a goal for the next day. Online badges and a free progress report are available at Garmin Connect, the free online fitness community created and managed by Garmin.
  • Viovofit falls into a category of intelligent devices that mark body progress even when you are at rest. Vivofit knows when the walking or running break should end and signals you accordingly. The move bar automatically resets after an hour of idleness and keeps building during inactivity.
  • One of the best features of the device is that unlike many other similar gadgets you can carry it with yourself to the shower or even dive with it in the swimming pool. The water resistant nature of the device makes it an ideal fit even for those who are bent on water sports.
  • As you move closer to better health, there are more features in the Vivofit to explore. The heart rate monitor helps you track your beats during diverse activities such as a cardio workout at gym and running.


  • Water resistant
  • Personalized daily goals
  • Long battery life


  • Comes without a display backlight
  • Altimeter lacking


While the looks and appeal of the Garmin Vivofit might fall well short of the mark when compared to the Best Fitness Trackers, you will definitely fall for it if you value fitness first. A bevy of personalized goals, an always-on display, water resistant body, a $99 tag and 365 day long battery life are all on offer with the Garmin Vivofit wrist band.

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