Sourcingbay GPS System for Car: When You Aren’t Using Your Car

Cars are prized possessions for most individuals, so protecting it by installing a tracker makes sense. With Sourcingbay GPS System for Car , you can keep an eye on your vehicle remotely and keep it safe and secured. Additionally, on installing a GPS tracker you can plan your routes in advance. Among the whole bevy of GPS trackers, Sourcingbay Tracking drive vehicle is one of the amazing tracking devices offering real-time monitoring. This revolutionary tool is popularly used by businessmen for tracking vehicles or their employees’ road trips. As the device efficiently tracks and managing business resources since years, more number of car owners are now choosing them, both for commercial and private uses.

Sourcingbay GPS System for Car :


Why it is more preferable than any other tracker?

This high quality car GPS tracker is a brand new item, which is based on GSM/GPRS network as well as GPS satellite tracking system. Rightly referred to as multi-tasker, this GPS tracker functions to offer security, track positions, monitors surveillance and above all it is set to provide emergency alarms. The best part about Sourcingbay is that it tracks vehicles by internet or else SMS. Being such an amazing product, it is widely used for tracking vehicles and any other moving objects. As it is backed by GPRS on-line, if the GPRS drops it is functioned to re-connect automatically.


Another unique feature of Sourcingbay Tracking device is its group-to-group monitoring, point-to-point and point-to-group monitoring functions. It comes with a dimension of 83mm×54mm×26mm and weighs somewhat around 120g, which is quite lighter than other GPS trackers for cars. The tracker requires a SIM card to run. This system will work as long as your SIM card has prepaid minutes.


Adding to its salient features, this GPS System for Car has a chargeable battery that can of course be changed when required. What is significant is it power backup. Being designed with the most high quality and high powered Li-ion battery, this tracker works for 80 hours in standby mode.

Available with reputed online stores, the Sourcingbay car GPS tracker comes in package that includes GPS and GSM antenna, microphone, harness, plug, GPS tracker manage software (CD) and a user-manual guide.

Sourcingbay Car GPS Tracker: How does it Save Money and Time?

GPS System for Car

Apart from helping to track vehicles, this GPS tracking device for cars offer a list of other benefits as well that are as follows:

  • Control Your Car and Driver: Upon knowing where the driver is/was you may have a good control over the fleet.
  • Reduced Vehicle Damage: With the help of this high-tech GPS car tracking device, you can have an overview of how your driver use the vehicle.
  • Increased Employee’s Efficiency: Upon tracking real-time position of the vehicle, you can always know where your workforce has been. With employees knowing they are being tracked their productivity automatically increases.



  • Offers global positioning
  • Easy to install
  • Information is transferred with AT&T network
  • It is a flexible product doing multiple tasking
  • Need to pay any monthly fee in order to use to services of this GPS tracker


  • Its several features seem to have become one of the biggest drawbacks. Each of its features comes with a wire and therefore it can be quite confusing for a novice to operate.
  • Though its GPS works accurately, the GPRS may not always function perfectly
  • The instructions provided aren’t that good

Even after been criticized by a few users, this Car GPS Tracker works a way better than most of its contemporaries. Individuals who have been looking for an efficient and an effective  GPS System for Car , this gadget is exactly what you may have been keen on buying.

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