Loc8tor GPS Tracker for Dogs: Home Coming Companion for your Canine Friend

Animals, pet or wild, are explorers by creed. Several home owners allow their dogs to take a free stroll around the yard or park. Besides, there have been innumerable instances when dogs have managed a release from the latch. For domestic dogs that often find themselves confined to house environs, a license to roam free could mean uninterrupted exploration.

But the dogs might feel lost and isolated after a span. On the flip side, pet owners often have to trade immense time and peace of mind to track their dogs back to the house. Fortunately, devices like the Loc8tor GPS tracker for dogs, have made things easier for both pets and their owners. The device packs in an impressive list of comprehensive and accurate features that make pet-tracking conveniently easy.


Features of Loc8tor GPS tracker for dogs

  • The Loc8tor, like many other similar devices use GPS technology to track pets. This enables you to find out the location of your pets and track them back home easily and quickly.
  • The advanced GPS technology used in the device facilitates reliable and accurate tracking. You can get the location of your pet on the map with 16 foot accuracy. This way, you will know precisely where your pet is at any given instance.
  • The tracking panel for Loc8tor is use-ready and packed with features. Using it, you may find out the location of your pet on your computer, cell phone or tablet.
  • The panel on the Loc8tor dog GPS tracker also allows you to designate a safety zone for your dog. Whenever the pet leaves this zone, you will receive an instant alert on your phone. So the next time your dog leaves the yard or park, you will know about it immediately.
  • Another impressive feature in the device is route tracking. With it, you may check where the places that your pet likes to visit when left on its own.

Loc8tor GPS tracker for dogs : Interface

The tracking panel for Loc8tor can be accessed on your computer, phone and tablet. To use it, all you need is an internet connection. You can view the map on the device either in road map or satellite view.


The tracking panel also allows you control on several other activities of your pet. For example, you may use it to track your pet’s route map even when you are out on a vacation. This lets you find if your pet is following the necessary exercise schedule.

Another great use of the tracking panel is that you may set up a customizable safety zone for your dog. This feature enables you to create a zone that you feel is safe for your dog. Whenever the dog exits that zone, you receive an alert.

On the whole, if the device packs in several features in GPS tracking for pets, you can monitor all of them with the tracking panel.

Build and Battery

The Loc8tor GPS for dogs weighs marginally over 2 ounces. The dimensions are so small that the device can fit into virtually any pet collar. The device comes with a slash-proof pouch that protects it from scratches, bumps and knocks. It is actually so light and small that most dogs do not even notice it is there.


The battery in the Loc8tor lasts longer than that in most GPS  trackers for Dogs. With regular use, it easily keeps the device running for over a week (up to 10 days). You will also receive an alert in case the battery is running out of juice.

Contract and Fees for Loc8tor GPS tracker for dogs

You do not have pay a monthly contract for the Loc8tor device. The device packs in a SIM card that helps you monitor your dog’s position. The device comes with pay-as-you-go plans; wherein you may choose among the monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.


  • Incredible battery life
  • No contact; and no early termination fee


  • One-month plan is pricey


GPS tracker for dogs can be available in all form factors, contacts and prices. But the amalgamation of an impressive list of features, low overall pricing and stellar ergonomics make the Loc8tor GPS is a jewel among trackers.


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