Spy Tec GPS : Mini Portable Real Time Car GPS Tracker




GL-200/GL-300 Spy Tec Real-Time GPS car tracker is a potential device in keeping track of individuals and moving assets. Handy and neat in design, it is powered by a rechargeable battery that can work for two weeks at a stretch without performance degradation. A multitude of accessories is available in the market to work with this device, which makes it the Best GPS Tracker for Car at reasonable price. 

GL-200/300 GPS: Its Merit List

This tracker is an upgraded version of all previous models in the market that can offer highly efficient firmware tweaks. The functions and usage of this device are easy to understand that make it an every man’s device. So, if you need to track the location of one of your family members or a moving asset or vehicle, you can use this device for accurate results. The tracker is loaded with its own proprietary tracking software, which is free from all considerable fixes to offer best possible service in real-time GPS tracking. With that, the device can easily take care of consumer or Pro grade GPS tracking needs without failures or complication.
GL300/GL200 GPS car tracker is equipped with a GPS receiver that has quad band GPRS/GM Sam radio features. Experts have tested this device and reported coverage from 850/900/1200/ to 1900 MHz frequencies. All it takes is timely charging and it’s ready to start tracking. The users then would need to strap the tracker to whatever they intend to keep a tab on. Its light weight design makes it easy to carry around in hidden pockets and spaces. After you have planted the tracker in the preferred location, you would need to use the system to know the location of the tracker at any time.

How Is this Portable Real Time Car GPS Tracker best for Car than the Rest?

Of course there are other GPS tracking applications in the market packed with a bundle of impressive features. This tracker stands out of the market collection by the virtue of its out-of-the-box features. Any  GPS car tracker would allow you to know where the vehicle or the asset or respective individual is located currently. What they cannot do is offer precise data on their previous locations and their destination routes. This device can track locations and send updates to the user from time to time. The update and other information can be easily accessed through a compatible internet browser. Users can set the updates to an interval of 5 seconds to stay informed. Plus, the data reaches to the user securely without a chance of getting tampered. Therefore, the risk of information breach is potentially reduced.


Features of GPS Car Tracker

  • Accuracy: This device uses a GPS satellite technology which can send tracking data to the tracker’s location without any information discrepancy. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer that can detect motion and gather data as well.
  • Security: GL-200/300 GPS device is designed to gather and send information through a secure network with no chances of tampering. Therefore, your information would always be safe.
  • Easy Access: Since this device sends the location information through a safe internet connection, the users can easily access the data from anywhere on the planet through their computers, laptops, tablets, Smartphone, etc.
  • Extended Battery Life: GL-200/300 GPS Car Tracker device comes equipped with a high power battery that has an incredibly long run-time. It allows you to use the device for more than two weeks before the battery signals the need for recharging.


Pros and Cons

  • Highly accurate
  • Data security
  • Easily accessible
  • Long battery life

These features explain and confirm the potentials of GL-200/GL-300 Spy Tec Real-Time GPS car tracker. Have your peace of mind by using this tracker to locate dear ones and valuable tangible assets.

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