STOUCH 7 inch GPS Navigation Sun Shade shield

The main fact about this product that it will decrease glare and insights for better comparison and exposure. It allows to resolve the problem of the GPS routing in the indicative, uncertain looking under the shiny mild. This STOUCH 7-inch GPS Navigation Sun Shade Shield will reduce glare and reflection for better contrast.

It’s a much better substitute to other visors that have the slim feet to protect the shade. As an experienced car owner investing many hours a day in the seat – I strongly suggest this product.



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Product Specification:

  • It helps to solve the problem of the GPS navigation in the reflective, unclear looking under the bright light.
  • Gasket ensures easy to install/remove from all GPS unit without a surface scratch.
  • International standards for environmental protection with Non-toxic, tasteless, can be recycled.
  • You can be used it for 7 inch GPS navigation and similar portable digital products.
  • It will reduce glare and reflections for better contrast and visibility.



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Finally, I must say this GPS Navigation Sun Shade shield is a great choice in terms of its exclusive features and competitive price.


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