Tagg GPS Tracker for Pets : Keep an Eye from Wherever You Are

Pets in their growing years resemble truant school kids in their willfulness. Whether you own a furry little cat, or a chubby adult dog, their playfulness and whimsicality might catch you off guard. Tagg GPS Tracker is the best replacement for leashes when your precious pet is outside your vigilance. Ensuring both safety and wellbeing, the GPS tracker for dogs has proven to be an indispensible gadget for protective pet owners.
A smart way to be assured that your pet is within the safe range, the collar tags its wearer by constantly transmitting its GPS location to the receiving device. The GPS-enabled attachment informs the owners about the daily physical activity of the pet, even when they are away.

Design and Details of Tagg GPS Tracker for Pets


Tagg dog GPS tracker resembles a neck-hugging electric fence collar in design and built. Combining the colors white and grey, it is light at 1.1 ounce with a measurement of 1.5 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches. One remarkable feature of the attachment design is its unobtrusive fitting on large and small species of pets alike, thanks to the collar clips that secure the position. The device is water-resistant that makes dislodging at the time of shower or feeding unnecessary.With one large button at the center, this wieldy attachment has no complex controls to keep you busy figuring the specs over weekends. Tracking modes and LED indicators ensure complete control at minimum operation. The device comes with a docking station that updates the internal software and recharges the battery.

Tagg GPS tracker Setup and Registration

Setting up the tracker does not take as much as technical insights. The dual-purpose of the dock station does the job, by connecting with the Internet for prompt online setup. You have to conduct the registration process by entering your serial key, pet’s name, billing details and the home tracking zone. Set the alert and the collar is all set to be used right away. Once the registration is over, you are free to make control changes later. However, the dog and cat GPS tracker from Tagg works on service plans which start at a duration of one month to extends to a time period of 3 months. Users are billed monthly. You can cancel your service whenever you wish to, by a notice.


Tracking the Location and Monitoring Their Activities

It’s not just your pet’s position that you can track within the designated area; Tagg GPS pet collar also feeds the users about the level of activity performed by the wearer in a day. You may assign the entire neighborhood to the home zone, or narrow it down to a few blocks in and around your place. The device will send updates via texts or emails, as preferred, to the given address from time to time confirming their locations. You may also add a couple of other members of your family to the alert network to be informed timely. Once your pet oversteps its safety range, the device will notify the tracker, giving a precise location on the map with a close-by address of the place. When on trigger mode, the collar update frequency will escalate to 3.30 minutes.


Activity tracking can be done by activating the accelerometer sensor integrated in the device. It registers all kinds of activities that can be considered physical exercise, like fetching, running, whittling, climbing, etc., and converts them into points, categorizing them as Lightly Active, Fairly Active, Highly Active and Resting. The Tagg website updates the points scored everyday and this will give you a fair idea of their rate of activity.


  • Tracks precisely and actively
  • Simple UI
  • Activity tracking system
  • Good battery Life


  • Monthly plan
  • Pricey

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