Tractive Pet GPS Tracker : Your Pet’s Safety Hardware


It is indeed shocking and maddening to return home at the day’s end to find your pet gone, just because a careless gardener or a domestic help left the garden gate ajar. Running around the entire neighborhood calling out their name in such a situation is not what any sane person would call a productive pursuit. Tractive  Pet GPS tracker is a device that can keep you from panicking even when your pets are unleashed and let out without your knowledge. This pet GPS tracker is basically a collar attachment that is integrated with the Global Positioning System, designed to transmit signals through which the position of the wearer can be known in real time.

The product is water-proof, making swimming, playing in the rain, drinking, etc., possible without any risk. The device is a small measuring 2″ x 1.6″ x 0.6″, and weighing only 35g. Talking about the technological precision of the gadget, it can pinpoint the exact location of the wearer wherefrom they can be retrieved. The Live mode activates real time tracking which means live alerts at all times. The unit has a rechargeable battery that runs continuously for 2 to 5 days. It takes about 2 hours to recharge fully.

Tractive Pet GPS Tracker: Location Updates

The key feature of this device is LIVE-Tracking which is activated to locate the pet through another digital device to which it is integrated. The dog GPS tracker when connected with a hand-held computing device and table-top systems send updates on the position of the wearer at every step it takes. Users can assign a particular area to the Home or Safe Zone that the tracker maps out like a virtual border line. As long as the wearer remains within the marked out territory, it’s functions are limited. No sooner than they step outside, the gadget starts sending alert signals to the connected device to notify the users about their whereabouts.


The system can be connected with cellular devices on mobile networks through the application called Pet Manager. The application is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

Tractive Pet Manager App

A cool thing about the Tractive pet GPS tracker is the twin applications they work with. The applications called Tractive and Tractive LITE, operable on both Android and iOS are two great applications designed exclusively for owners to manage pet data. Free to download, they can be used to store and organize information like dates of vaccinations, sources of allergies, dietary routines, appointments with dates, exercise routine and much more. You can set the dates to snooze for a timely alarm.


Service Plan for Tractive Pet GPS Tracker

The best thing about Tractive GPS for pets is its service plan. Even though it’s often perceived as a costly affair, considering its monthly package, it is worth a mention that the company bears the cellular data fees and charges the users with an easy monthly plan. Activation is entirely cost-less unlike the phone contracts that are usually paid. Aside, there are not additional or hidden extras added to the cost. There are also not long-term contract binding that compromise the flexibility of the plan. You may start, stop and restart as you please. There are two plans: basic and premium with different charges and features to avail.



  • Good battery life
  • Works in over 80 countries
  • Light and useful
  • Precise in its updates


  • Pricey monthly plan

Tractive pet GPS tracker is designed for both bigger and smaller species of pets, which makes it a flexible fit on anybody. Its light weight is an added boost to its suitability. The contraption is a necessary addition to your pet closet, if their safety is your primary concern.

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