Warning: You could be Losing Money by Not Using Pet GPS Trackers

Most people own a pet. There are dog lovers, cat lovers, bird lovers, etc., but most people have some type of animal that resides in their home. People spend large amounts of money purchasing these pets, and then they spend large amounts of money throughout the lifetime of the animal providing it with the proper food and care that it needs. Pet GPS trackers can prevent the loss of your pet, and the money you have invested in the animal.

We become emotionally attached to these animals and when one of them is lost it breaks our hearts. Losing a pet can be as traumatic as losing human friends and family members.

Most people own a cell phone. More people who own cell phones have GPS tracking systems on their devices than pet owners have GPS systems on their pets. We value our pets more than we value our cell phones because cell phones are replaceable, but each pet is unique. It would make better financial, and emotional sense for us to protect our pets from being lost or stolen than to protect our cell phones from being lost or stolen.

Financial Facts about Pets in the U. S.

  • The average dog owner will spend $231 dollars each year on routine veterinary care for their animals
  • The average cat owner will spend $193 dollars per year on routine veterinary care for their animals
  • Americans spend more than $50 billion dollars on their pets each year

Facts about United States Pets

  • There are currently about 83.3 million dogs in the United States who have owners. That works out to be about 164 million pet owners in the U.S.
  • 47% of the households in America that report owning a dog
  • 20% of the pet owning population report owning 2 or more dogs
  • More than half of the dogs that are owned have been spayed or neutered. The number of spayed and neutered animals is actually close to 80%
  • 6 million of the cats in the U.S. have owners
  • 46% of the homes in the United States have at least one cat
  • 31% of cat owners report that they own two or more feline companions
  • 73% of the cats owned in the U.S. are female
  • A higher percentage of cat owners have their animals spayed or neutered. According to the APPA approximately 91% of cat owners have their companions spayed or neutered

pet tracker gps

Pets go missing each year for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons why a pet goes missing are:

  • They wander away from their home following the scent of another animal that might be “in season”, they follow the sound of children playing, they follow scents like rabbits, squirrels, or even outdoor grilling
  • They are stolen
  • They get lost while their family is on vacation
  • They are not equipped with a Pet GPS tracker

The majority of pets that go missing have no form of identification on them. Your pet cannot answer questions and tell other people where they belong so the pets get placed into animal shelters, or other people keep them thinking the animal was homeless.

Facts about Missing Pets

  • In the United Kingdom more than 2500 pets reportedly go missing each week
  • An estimated 1.5 million dogs and cats are reportedly missing from their United States homes each year
  • There are 3,500 animal shelters registered in the U.S. and 25% of the animals in those shelters are pure-bred animals. More than half of those pure bred animals are registered, have owners, and have been put into the shelter because the animal got separated from their owner and the authorities had no way of discovering who their owners were
  • Between 2 and 5 percent of the lost cats, and 30% of the lost dogs that are placed in shelters are reunited with their proper owners. The remaining animals are adopted out to other owners, or they are euthanized.
  • Pets wearing Pet GPS trackers are generally located within a few hours of their going missing

Facts about Pet GPS Trackers

  • Pets who have GPS trackers are less likely to be lost for more than a 6 hour period of time
  • The Pet GPS Trackers can show you the exact location of your pet if the animal were to wander away from you when you are on vacation
  • These trackers can cut the number of animals that are stolen in half because the pet GPS trackers can show the authorities the exact location of the animal and help law enforcement capture dog-nappers

Use GPS Pet Tracker for finding lost pets easier

GPS pet tracking devices can insure you that your animal will not be lost or stolen. Many people live in areas where a lot of pets are stolen. The thieves take these animals and they sell them to other people. You can have a chip placed in your animal by the vet to help you find a stolen pet, but these chips only work when the animal is taken to a vet and scanned. A GPS tracker starts to work the second that your pet leaves your safety zone so you stand a better chance of finding them if they are lost or stolen.

How GPS Pet Tracker Works?

A GPS tracker has a signal emitter that sends a signal that the global positioning satellites can hone in on. The tracker can coordinate with those satellites to find the exact coordinates where the animal is.

Are all trackers the same?

The GPS trackers have different capabilities so they are not all the same. Some Pet GPS Trackers emit an alert to your phone the moment your animal leaves the area you have designated as safe for them to be in, and some of them only provide information if you call a number, or access the website of the tracking system.

In Kirbyville, Texas there were recently a lot of dogs going missing. Most of the missing animals were cocker spaniels, and the majority of the dogs were male. It appeared that the people stealing the dogs were using a bitch dog that was in heat to attract the male dogs. The animals left their yards and were never seen again. One dog owner had a GPS tracker on their cocker spaniel. When they let the animal outside to do his business the dog smelled the female and ran out of the yard. The owner engaged the GPS tracker and quickly found the location of their dog. When they arrived at the location their dog appeared to be inside a house. The owner called the local authorities and when the police arrived they were able to break up a local dog-napping ring. The kidnappers were using the male dogs to breed their females with and then they were disposing of the males. The GPS tracker saved not only the dog it was on, but many other dogs who might have been stolen by this group.

Top 4 Pet GPS Trackers

According to tracker24x7.com the following systems are the top systems available.

Tractive Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Trackers

Tractive Pet GPS Tracker is a waterproof pet tracker so you do not have to worry about your pet swimming, or getting caught in the rain. It has the ability to pinpoint the exact location your pet is at. You can set the device to provide live alerts and the rechargeable battery will work continuously for two to five days before it needs to be recharged. The battery will completely recharge in about two hours. The device will cost you around $175 dollars.

Loc8tor GPS Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder Locator Cat

Loc8tor GPS Tracker will allow you to have an accurate location of where your pet is, within 15 foot of the animal’s exact location. You can establish a safety zone for your pet. When your pet leaves the area you have designated as being safe the device will alert you on your telephone. You will know instantly when your animal leaves their protected yard. You can also see the route that your pet frequently takes when they leave your yard so you will have some idea of where they go, and how they arrived there. This device is priced at about $100 dollars.

Garmin Astro Dog GPS

Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle

Garmin Astro Dog GPS provides you with a tracker for the animal to wear and a handheld device for you to use. With the handheld device you will always know the exact distance between you and your pet. This tracker can tell you if your animal is sitting, running, walking, or pointing. It will provide you with the direction the animal is traveling when it is moving so you can travel in the right direction to get to them. The collar does not beep so it does not distract your animal, or hurt their ears. If your dog is a hunting dog the device will alert you when the dog has “treed” prey. The collar has a security lock so you do not have to worry about it falling off of the dog. The device runs around $500 dollars.

Tagg GPS Tracker

Tagg Pet GPS Plus - Dog and Cat Tracker Collar Attachment

Tagg GPS Tracker is an easy to use tracking service that will help you keep tabs on where your animal is. The Tagg GPS tracker is very accurate at pinpointing the location of the animals wearing their collars. There is a monthly service charge with this device, but it is very low, and your initial set-up costs will only be around $100 dollars.


Gps tracking devices are relatively new technology for pet owners. They are one of the great things about living in this age of gadgets and devices. With this technology you never have to worry about losing your pet, or having your pet stolen, or about your pet wandering off and getting injured. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can always find your animal whenever you want to.

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