Amber Alert GPS Review: Say Hello to your Kids, Just When you Need to

In the US, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. Be it at the mall, playground, beach or amusement park, kids have a strange tendency to dissolve into thin air. Consequently, a rollicking 9 out of 10 families lose children in public places at least once. However, the ascent of GPS trackers for kids has helped many a parent in finding their child, or better still, in never losing one in the first place.

The Amber Alert GPS is a tracker that has been optimized, customized and to a certain extent, resized for kids. On a canvas where other GPS trackers have brushed helter-skelter feature-strokes, the Amber Alert has quietly boxed it all up with a large outline.

Amber Alert GPS Locator, Black AT&T


Features of Amber Alert GPS

Between gold awards from prestigious review sites and effective 2-way calling, the Amber Alert GPS tracker has a laundry list of features that ensure security for children and peace of mind for parents.

The most elementary feature in the device is real-time GPS tracking, with which you can monitor the tracker’s location on a map. The map can be accessed on a smartphone app or on the Amber Alert web portal. The device updates GPS locations once in 5 minutes with 50-foot accuracy.

Two-way calling is another useful feature in the device. This allows communication between the device and one registered phone number. From that number, you can call up your child at any time. Impressively, the device does not make a ring; your child knows it is you only on hearing your voice. This feature smartly enables you to listen to the surroundings of your child, even without their knowledge.

Amber Alert GPS Locator Black


The two-way calling feature also facilitates operation of the SOS button in the device. As soon as the child presses this button, you receive a call from the device. Additionally, a text alert with the tracker address is sent to 10 registered devices.

With the Amber Alert GPS, you have the option to designate customizable zones on the map. The zone area could be anything between a few rows of houses to an entire city. After activating this app setting, you receive notifications from the device whenever your child enters or leaves the assigned zones. This way, you can keep a tab on the places your child visits.

A unique feature in a GPS tracking device for kids is the Amber predator alert. When you activate this feature, you will receive an instant notification as the tracker comes close to the house of a registered child molester or sex offender.

You may also set up the speeding alert, which sets a maximum speed at which the device should travel. If the vehicle speed crosses this limit, you will receive an alert. This makes teenage drivers accountable to parents.



The Amber Alert comes with a free mobile application for Android and Apple. The app interface is breezy and geographical indications are very clear. Gaining perspective on the device location is also simple with the dedicated zoom control.

Signing in to the web portal (via computer or mobile) unpacks another bunch of features. These include the location history of the device and the speed at which it is travelling on a given instance. The web portal can also be used to define the zones. Together, the web portal and the app, make for one of the most buttery GPS child tracker interfaces.


The Amber Alert has a minimalistic design, weighing marginally in the upward of 2 ounces. The rectangular device is comparable in size with the average garage door handle.  The SOS button is placed centrally in the bottom half and there are two keys for volume control. There is also a micro-USB charging port.


Battery and Accessories

With regular use, you can expect 40 hours of life from the battery. This might fall short in comparison to other trackers. But a charging session each night shall keep the Amber Alert running smoothly with your child.

You may choose to buy plenty of complementary accessories for the Amber Alert. You may go for the vibrant nameplates that can be snapped atop the plain black front. Attractive sleeves can be used to fasten the device onto the child’s backpack.

Price & Contract

GPS technology is used to track the location of the device. Transfer of information is made with the AT&T network. The plan is available for an additional fee payable every month. The activation cost for the plan is also billed separately. You will have to pay an early-termination fee in case you choose to cancel your contract before a year of service. A number of other similar GPS trackers come without any contract pricing, providing more user flexibility.

Amber Alert GPS Locator


Help and Support

There is a year’s length of manufacturer warranty on the GPS, insuring users against defects in manufacturing. Customer support is provided through phone, email and a dedicated FAQs section. Customer representatives at Amber Alert are well trained, wield thorough product knowledge and are known to resolve customer queries patiently.


  • Broadest spectrum of features among existing child GPS trackers
  • Minimalistic design and simple interface


  • Early termination fees on year-long contract


GPS trackers for kids are abundantly available in the market. The Amber Alert GPS tops the chart owing to its immense functionalities. Features like the predator alert make it stand in a totally different league. The simple interface, courtesy the mobile app and web portal makes it perfect even for parents who are not tech-savvy.

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