eZoom GPS Tracker for Kids: An End to the Frantic Searches for Children

It is not uncommon finding parents wearing an anxious look when it comes to the safety of their children, for the little bundles of mischief often disappear in the blink of an eye! Imagine those vacations, road trips, amusement arenas where your child went missing and your heart skipped a beat. It is time you bid adieu to the palpitation and welcome the eZoom GPS Tracker for kids. From keeping a track on your child’s whereabouts to checking on their location anytime and anywhere, this GPS tracker for kids can allow parents to have peace of mind.

EZOOM1000 eZoom Personal GPS Locator


Smart and simple to operate, eZoom is currently making news throughout the US. Prior to making a purchase, one must ensure that the area one stays in has a good T-mobile coverage. As long as there is a proper network of the T-mobile, email and text messages will alert parents about possible thwarts.

Specification of eZoom GPS : 

The device weighs lesser than 3 ounces. It measures 1.73 inches in width and is about 2.76 inches tall. With its tough and water resistant exterior, the device can indeed withstand the extremities of kids. The GPS tracking device for kids boasts of a great battery life. Depending on the mode it is set in, it can last anywhere from 3 to 21 days. However, if you use a power extender, the life can exceed. As long as your device is installed with the vehicle installation kit, there is no need to recharge. You can also think of buying an auto installation kit that allows the eZoom to be plugged in the car at all times.

The GPS tracker operates on three modes. In the continuous or default mode, the device updates itself every 5 minutes. The track mode allows updating every 30 seconds and the last one called the on demand mode allows the tracker to update when the location is requested only. As said earlier, the battery life is highly dependent on the modes.

EZOOM1000 eZoom Personal GPS Locator review


Aside these, there is an emergency button that automatically sends alerts within the tracker’s location. This can be either the phone number or the email address. Nowadays, you are sure to find a voice calling feature too that is considered a far better option than the emergency button. For parents who wish to keep a tab on teen drivers, an unusual feature works manifold. You can set a maximum speed limit for the device and keeps it inside your car. The moment your car crosses the set limit, the device sends an alert.

Additional accessories

At the time of purchasing your eZoom kit, you are sure to find some additional accessories included in it. There is a protective pouch and a wall charger that you can use with your device. In addition to these, you can also purchase an auto installation kit that mounts your child GPS tracker to your vehicle. This not only extends the battery life but continuous power and monitoring means you can reach your little one whenever you wish to.


Ease in use

Nowadays, a number of safety devices have made their foray in the market but rarely does anything match up to eZoom in terms of performance. Whether you wish to locate your child or even track down stolen valuables, the device is indeed an indispensable one. Simply install eZoom in your car or tuck the tracker in the laptop bag or backpack and you are good to go. You can use this GPS tracker for kids by opting for the app that is available for both iOS and Android devices or access the Securis web portal from any browser.


  • eZoom GPS is the toughest GPS tracker in the market
  • One of the best known for kids
  • Used for business and commercial purpose too
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Creating ‘Safe spots’ for safety of kids and teen drivers


  • Works on a not-so-common network, the T-mobile coverage
  • Registering and activating process of the device is slow
  • Limited payment plans


This eZoom GPS tracking device for kids is still at its nascent stage but will keep growing in the days to come. As of now, the decent device is a pocket friendly pick if you wish to keep a track of your loved ones and possessions.

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