Marco Polo Tracker Review : Smart Way to Track Whereabouts of Your Pet

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System


As a loving pet owner, you may share the sheer bliss and happiness of having a pet of your own with the other pet owners in your community. However, at the same time, you cannot skip checking on your pet every other moment so that it don’t get lost, or worse, abducted by somebody who has every other motive than keeping a pet at home. Marco Polo Tracker and Locating System can certainly bring you complete peace of mind. The pet GPS tracker has everything in it that can help you monitor your pet remotely and ensure its safety.

The simple-to-use GPS tracker for pets comes with a hand-held locator, a charger, a pet GPS collar, and a user manual. You can add two more collar tags for monitoring up to three pets with a single device. The collar tags are extremely lightweight and pets that are weighed 10 lb or more will not feel the collars quite a burden. In fact, most pets cannot even feel that they are actually wearing something around their neck.

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring Tracking System


Unique features of Marco Polo Tracker

Pet owners have this additional headache of keeping a tab on their pets who are seemingly too obsessed with the idea of fence jumping and venturing outside their known territories. Marco Polo tracker Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System can be a useful aid in tracking and monitoring whimsical and wayward pets in a number of ways. What are the features that set this GPS tracker apart?  Let’s have a brief roundup.

  • No setup or recurring costs: You don’t need to spend a single penny to make this GPS tracker work. You do not even have to activate your mobile phone’s GPS for activating the device. The Marco Polo Tracker can go easy on your wallet. Just buy the product, set it up for free of cost and you are good to go!
  • Faster and smarter than GPS: This GPS Tracker is way faster and smarter than any GPS-based system. It always shows your pet’s location in respect to your location, and not just a specific point on the map. Compared to traditional GPS-based systems, this one is far more intelligent and intuitive. It tracks the location of your pet even through thick walls!
  • Extended battery life: The lithium batteries that you will find inside these GPS trackers can work for 3 months (ideally) before you need to recharge them. If you are using the tracker for monitoring your pet, the battery will stay awake continuously for three days.
  • Get an alert when your pet leaves the “Safe Zone”: The smallest Safe Zone that you can delimit by using this dog GPS tracker is much smaller than your phone’s GPS system will allow you to set. You can even set a small yard as a safe zone for your pet. Get an alert whenever your pet steps out of it. Tracking was never so easy!


Design and Details

The Marco Polo Locator System comes with a 2½” x 1¼” x 1″ collar tag that facilitates 24/7 pet monitoring and tracking with integrated alert systems and loads of easy tracking features. You can reconfigure the default “Safe Zone” perimeter to find your escape artist pet quite easily. You can also find a quick start feature which is very useful for activating GPS tracking in a flash. The Unique Tag Addressing System can ensure that the signals received by your device is not interfered or interspersed by the signals sent from or received by other Marco Polo GPS tracking devices in your vicinity. The easy controls ensure more ease-of-use and better monitoring capability for the pet owners.

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring Locating System



  • No setup cost or monthly cost
  • Works without phone’s GPS system
  • Long battery life
  • “Safe Zone” demarking enabled


  • Short-range tracking only
  • Not suitable for cats

To wrap it up, Marco Polo Tracker and Locating System is a great product if you are using it while at home or while jogging in the park.

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