Sky Nanny: One of the Best GPS Tracking Devices for Children

The number of children that goes missing each year has reached a baffling height, what with the rate of felony peaking up steadily against the measures. If the alarming statistics is giving you the poke of concern every time your children step out in the open, then here is a device just for you. Sky Nanny is one of those comprehensive GPS Tracking Devices for Children that has given parents their peace of mind and children a sense of security. This device is designed for both working and stay-at-home parents who are concerned with the whereabouts and safety of their kids.

SkyNanny 2.0 GPS Child Tracker

Sky Nanny, one of the smallest GPSs tracker ever sold in the market sends updates in real time. There are two service plans with limited and unlimited texts. Depending on the urgency of the requirement, a plan can be had as required. There are not service contracts and this gives the users the freedom to start and stop as they wish.

GPS Tracking Devices for Children : Sky Nanny Review 

This personal tracker is as small as 2 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches and weighs only 1.6 ounces. However, its significant size renders its invisible even when clasped in the palms of your children. The device is currently one of the smallest child GPS tracker available in the market. The product has been voted by independent users as the number one product in the global market. Weighing just 2 ounces, it can be slid in between the belt of your child without running the risk of being seen. However, this tracker runs on mobile plans which are often a little problematic for people looking for one-time investment. The GPS location tracker uses a SIM card through which it communicates with the connecting device. Charges are all based on the usage of the card.

SkyNanny 2.0 GPS Child Tracker



The Sky Nanny GPS tracker for kids has multiple features that make it utilitarian for kids and their parents. Take a look them here:

  • Direction: If you wish to travel to the location of your child, you can use the application map to find the shortest direction possible from your place to the point.
  • Boundary Breach Notification: It sends alert notifications to the connecting device as soon as the carrier steps out of their designated safety zone. Thus, you will be able to know if your child goes out of her safety territory without your consent.
  • Panic button: Even the user can alarm their kids by pressing the panic button should they sense the possibility of any imminent danger. As soon as it beeps the phone or computer of the parent, they can rush for help to the spot.
  • Low battery alert: It lets the users know if it’s battery is critically low and prompts them for immediate recharge before it dies out.
  • Proactive communication: All potential issues are communicated by the device. The device carrier will be able to send signals or messages to their parents.

The product is not just a reassurance of the protection and safety of the kids on a regular school day, but also highly utile when they are out on group excursions or with friends on a weekend. Being small in size, it niftily sits discrete implanting.



  • No large phone bills
  • Low risk of thievery
  • Communication only between the device and the holder
  • One of the smallest GPS trackers


  • Only for Android user
  • Not usable on iOS

Sky Nanny is one of the high-quality GPS Tracking Devices for Children available for purchase in the global market. Perfect for children whose safety is always the key priority of their parents, this small device can be integral to bring assurance to the parents and safety to the kids.

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