MOTOsafety Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars

real time gps tracking device for cars

A real time GPS tracker for cars can save you from the anguish of having your car stolen. They can save you from having to pay extremely high auto insurance rates because you live in a high crime area, or because you have a vehicle that is frequently targeted by thieves. They can give you peace of mind that a family member has arrived at a designation, or has not been going somewhere they were not supposed to go. They can also help an employer to manage their employees and the vehicles in their company fleet.

A GPS tracking device for cars is a new tool that I believe will quickly become a household staple, or even an accessory that comes with a car when you purchase it.

The unique thing about this real time GPS tracking device for cars is that it can be used to train teens how to drive safely. That is why I reviewed this item.

Features I love about this Real Time GPS Tracking Device For Cars

I love that the manufacturer collaborated with law enforcement and driving instructors to create a tracking device that could also be used as a teaching tool to help educate young drivers. The following features make this a unique device that every parent of a teen should want to have.

real time gps tracking device for carss


Daily Driver Reports

Every day you will receive a report about the way the car was driven the day before. You can see if your teen has a pattern of braking harshly which might mean they follow too closely behind other cars, or they might be driving while distracted.

These driving reports can get you up to a thirty percent discount on your auto insurance because you will be able to show how safely the teen is driving.

Route Inspections

You will be able to see the routes your teen to to and from school, or home. This will help you know that your teen driver is going where they said they were going, and if they deviate from their normal route you will be notified. This is mostly a trust incentive and a safety precaution. If your child were to be lured to another part of town you will know this within minutes of them gong there. This reduces abductions and run-away.

One of the reasons you can know where the car is and when it leaves an area is the Geofence capability of the unit. A Geofence is a perimeter that is established by the parent. When the child leaves the established perimeter the unit alerts the parent.

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Curfew Enforcer

Even if you are not home your unit will alert you if the automobile is in use past the designated curfew you have established for it. This reduces a lot of problems with children being tempted by their friends to go somewhere late at night, or leaving school during school hours. You establish the curfews.

Multiple Alerts

You will receive alerts for a multitude of things that may happen with the automobile. These alerts include

  • Notification when the driver has been speeding
  • Notifications when the driver leaves a zone they are approved to be in
  • After hours use alerts
  • Notifications when the driver is braking too harshly
  • Notifications when the car is left idling for long periods of time

Installs in Seconds

All you have to do to install this unit is reach under the dash of the automobile and plug it into the OBDII port. This port is available on all vehicles designed after 1996. You need no special tools or training to do this installation.

real time gps tracking device for cars motosafety


The Driving Coach Program

The driving coach program that is included with this tracking unit will help your teen to know what they have to do in order to pass the driving examination. This program gives a series of quizzes that are interactive so the teenager can determine if they have the skills they need for the different portions of the driving test. It also provides blogs that can be used to help track progress so the teenager can see where they are making improvements and where they still need to improve before their test.

This driving coach program will enable you to teach your child what they need to know so they can become a licensed driver, and so they become a safe driver. Every parent wants their child to be safe when they are behind the wheel of a car, and even though we are safe drivers we often forget to teach our children small things that we do out of habit. This program makes sure that you do not forget those important little tips and your child becomes a safe driver.



Weighs: 0.3 ounces

Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces

Unit Dimensions: 1 inch x 1.8 inches x 2.1 inches


  • Email alerts may be sent to more than one person
  • Each day you will receive a report of how well the teen drove the day before
  • Alerts you when the teen is braking too harshly
  • Comes with a quick start guide
  • Helps you to improve the driving abilities of your teenager
  • Alerts you when the vehicle is used after hours
  • Comes with a driving coach program to help teens pass their driving exams
  • Alerts are available on mobile devices
  • Installs under the dash in the OBDII port
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Can be used as a car tracker in the event of a theft


  • Acceleration alerts may be too sensitive
  • There is a monthly monitoring fee of $19.99


A real time GPS tracking device for cars is a new technology that is going to help reduce car theft, and vandalism. These devices alert the owner to the position of the vehicle, and they help the authorities to recover the automobile when it is taken by an unauthorized person. I believe that these units will one day be standard accessories in cars like air conditioning is today.

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